THB 19,000.- (Maximum 25 people)


2 Engines (Maximum 25 people)/250 Horses Power
You can start whenever you want. Just let us know your best timing. By different timetable to beat the crowds for taking you to less busy beaches where you will find the best scenery and experiences on the trip, maximum 6 hours duty. 

Hong Island Lagoon, Hong Island Bay, Lading Island, Pakbia Island.

Koh Hong has been called ‘The Emerald of Krabi’s Sea’, spending your day doing nothing but lazing on virgin sands. This wonderful group of tiny islands offers breathtaking scenery, soft white-sand beaches and a beautiful lagoon.

The interesting place is Hong Beach, which is like a large natural pool, surrounded by steep cliffs like a room, has one-way entrance only about 10 meters wide. This type of landscape is called lagoon. It can be entered by boat or kayak. The water is shallow and clear and great for swimming.

Lading Island is approx. 2.5 kilometers North of Hong Island. On the island there are 2 small bays with sandy beach, and there are some beautiful views around the island. The beaches are not really wide, but they are very picturesque and provide some good shady areas where you can rest on a hot day and enjoy the sounds of a gentle sea.

Pak Bia Island is a small island that belong to Koh Hong archipelago. Located right between Koh Yao Noi and Krabi coast, it is a popular destination for island-hoppers and day trippers in search of a quiet place to spend a relaxing time. The shape of Pak Bia Island is rather peculiar. It features a large circular dome covered with lush foliage, linked to a small rocky crop by a stripe of thick sand. The sand itself, again as a result of the island’s unique location.

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